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McDonald's® School Coordinators

Our McDonald's franchise has been happy to serve you and our community since 1989. Please contact us for coupons, student award incentives, catering, school fundraising options, school field trips or event donations. Feel free to submit a donation request from our website or you can email us from the link below. We look forward to hearing from you!

LSM Manager: Melanie Lay

As your local McDonald's Local Store Marketing specialist I would like to take this opportunity to invite you and your school to participate in a unique event that will increase school spirit and generate considerable excitement in the community, while also raising funds for your school's needs.

This special event will give your school the opportunity to raise funds for programs, equipment or ay other special projects.

How does it work? While your students, their parents and other school supporters are having a great time dining at McDonald's, you and your staff are working behind the counter. As a reward for your staff's efforts, we will give 20 percent of all sales for the two hours the program runs to your school!

Some of the School Supplies We Offer:

  • Free Customized Food Coupons & School Award Coupons
  • Caterings for TAKS Testing, Classroom Parties, Staff Meetings, etc..
  • McTeacher's Nights (See Above)
  • McBucks Fundraiser
  • Orange Bowls (One gallon of Hi-C Concentrate , ice in a cooler and 100 cups) 1st Gallon Free!
  • Treat Packs (After School Snack Packs) cost $2.00 but give you 12 Free products per book